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Applications must be submitted in-person with required documentation below. Applications will be available at the Community Library & Department of Social Services Office.
*See dates and info below.
To be approved, you must have the following:

Application Days

Location | Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library


November 9th | 10AM-12PM 


November 13th | 2PM-4 PM 

November 15th | 6PM-8PM

1. Proof of residency in Prince Edward County

(We accept utility bill, lease, driver’s license, or government correspondence with your name & address.)

2. Photo ID (driver’s license or ID card)

3. Birth certificate or proof of custody of each child

4. Proof of assistance for each child (only need one) * (DSS, TANF, SNAP, Disability, Medicaid)

*If you do not receive government assistance, you can still qualify. Bring your most current pay stub and your application will be reviewed based on the 200% Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

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